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What Is the Difference Between Followers And Following On Instagram: Unpacking It In Detail

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What is the Difference Between Followers and Following on Instagram: Unpacking the Basics

In today's digital age, Instagram is an influential force that millions of people rely on. Although navigating its basic features at first can be a bit perplexing, understanding the concept between followers and following will help you successfully use this powerful platform.

Understanding these two concepts is important for anyone who wants to make the most of their Instagram experience. Followers are people who follow your account, meaning they have access to all the content you post online.

On the other hand, following refers to the people that you follow on Instagram. By following someone, you gain access to all their content as well. Having a clear understanding of these two concepts will help you improve your Instagram presence.

Let's discover the distinctions between them and their individual purposes, so you can maximize your online presence.

What Is the Difference Between Followers And Following On Instagram: In Details

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, with millions of users actively sharing and interacting through images, videos, captions, and stories. Two terms often used on Instagram are followers and following. However, what do these terms mean, and what distinguishes them from each other?

Followers refer to the individuals who have chosen to follow your Instagram account, which means they see your posts and updates in their feeds. When you post a photo or video, your followers can interact with your content by liking or commenting on your posts.

Your follower count represents the number of people that are following you on Instagram.

Contrary to followers, following pertains to the people you follow on Instagram. Following someone means that their posts and updates will appear on your feed, and you can interact with them by liking or commenting on their content. Your following count represents the number of accounts you follow on Instagram.

If you set your Instagram account to private, people who want to view your content must send you a follow request. When you accept their request, they become one of your followers and can see your posts and updates.

On Instagram, you have the option to follow someone who follows you. This means that you will also see their posts and updates in your feed, and they will be added to your following list. However, following someone back is optional; you are not obligated to do so just because they followed you.

It is crucial to note that both followers and following lists can interact with your content. Both lists can like your photos and videos and view your stories. This means that engagement on Instagram is critical to building a community and increasing your reach.

A Comparison Chart of Followers and Following on Instagram

Parameters of Comparison

Followers on Instagram

Following on Instagram


People who follow you and see your posts and stories.

People you follow and whose posts and stories you can see.

Posts viewing

Followers can view your posts on their feeds.

You can view the posts of the people you follow on your feed.

Story viewing

Followers can view your story.

You can view the stories of the people you follow.


Followers do not need to request to follow you.

You will need to request to follow a private account you want to follow.


Followers can like your posts.

You can like posts from people you follow.

Do More Followers On Instagram Matter More Than Following?

On Instagram, the number of followers versus the following count is considered a critical indicator of user popularity or influence. Typically, an account with an even number of followers to the following ratio is deemed normal.

Users with many followers compared to their following count, like celebrities or social media influencers, are considered exceptional accounts.

While having more Instagram followers can seem like an important metric, it is not the only measure of success. In reality, an account's engagement rate is just as vital as its number of followers.

It's a crucial indicator of how effectively an influencer or brand can reach its audience based on how many likes, comments, and shares a post gets. Engagement rates also demonstrate how much influence a particular Instagram account has on its followers.

Additionally, having many followers on Instagram cannot guarantee success if they are not the right audience for a particular brand or influencer. The importance of having an engaged and targeted following cannot be overstated.

Instagram followers aligning with the brand or influencer's values, interests, and demographics are essential to achieve optimal engagement rates.

How Many Followers Does the Average Instagram User Have?

The Instagram playing field is largely populated with micro-influencers, who have cultivated an average audience of less than 1,000 followers. Some can stand out through specialized content or increased engagement, though their numbers may be small compared to the big names you see take over your feed.

These users may have anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of followers, and while they may not have the reach of larger influencers. They can still be effective advocates for brands and products.

Ultimately, the number of followers an individual has on Instagram is only one measure of their influence. Brands should consider a range of factors when selecting influencers to partner with.

Is My Instagram Visible to People Who Are Not Followers?

By setting your Instagram account to the public, you can open up a world of potential. After all, by making it visible to anyone who accesses the platform, friends and followers will get insights into what you're doing, and customers or clients keenly looking for content like yours may stumble upon it.

However, only approved followers can see your posts if you have a private Instagram account. This allows for greater control over who has access to your content and can help protect your privacy. To view all of the posts you have shared, simply visit your Instagram profile.

When deciding how to present yourself online, choosing whether to make an account public can have powerful implications for building your brand and personal reputation. Consider carefully before taking the plunge.

Maximizing Your Instagram Presence: Who Follows You vs. Who You Follow

It's important to differentiate between followers and following on Instagram to maximize your presence on the platform. Your followers follow your account and keep up with your content, while those you follow are accounts that interest you.

Building a loyal following is key to success on Instagram, whether you're an influencer or a brand. While gaining followers and following others may be easy, it's crucial to follow accounts that inspire you or align with your brand values to reap the most benefit.

By doing so, you'll see your Instagram experience flourish.