2023-01-07 21:01:57

How to Use SMS-Verification to Active New Yahoo Account

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Using SMS Verification for YAHOO!

It's no secret that online security is a top concern for many internet users. One way to protect your online accounts is by using a SMS verification service, which allows you to verify your identity without using your real phone number. This can be especially useful when creating multiple accounts on a platform like Yahoo, where having a unique phone number for each account is often required.


One such service is an online SMS verification service, which provides virtual phone numbers that can receive text messages. This means that you can create multiple Yahoo accounts without having to use your own phone number for each one. This can be especially useful if you're looking to open accounts in different countries, as you can easily purchase a virtual phone number from that country to use for verification.

In addition to protecting your anonymity, using a virtual phone number for verification can also help you avoid the hassle of having to deal with unwanted text messages on your personal phone. With an online SMS verification service, you can simply check the virtual number for the verification code and then enter it into the Yahoo account without having to worry about managing multiple text messages on your own phone.

Another advantage of using an online SMS verification service is that you can easily sell your verified Yahoo accounts in the service's marketplace. This can be a great way to earn some extra income, and it's a much safer option than trying to sell your accounts on a less reputable platform. Plus, by using a virtual phone number for verification, you can maintain your anonymity even when selling your accounts.

In conclusion, using an online SMS verification service can provide a number of benefits when creating and managing multiple Yahoo accounts. Not only does it protect your anonymity and keep your personal phone number private, but it also makes it easy to sell your verified accounts in a marketplace. Plus, it can save you the hassle of managing multiple text messages on your personal phone. If you're looking to create multiple Yahoo accounts, consider using an online SMS verification service to make the process easier and more secure.

Learn how to use SMS-Verification to active new Yahoo account:

  1. Simply Log-in into your account OR Sign-up a new account
  2. On the left menu choose “Online Number” OR “Rental Online Number
  3. Choose the desired Country and Service “Yahoo” and click “Purchase” - On your Active Orders you'll get a number
  4. Go to YAHOO website and create an account
  5. During the registration process on the website, you are asked to provide a phone number for verification - Put the number you purchased from us.
  6. At the dashbaord click “SMS Sent” AND “Check Status”
  7. When the OTP/SMS is received on our dashboard type it in the service's registration site

There you GO ! Your NEW Yahoo Account

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