2023-01-07 21:38:07

How to Use SMS-Verification to Active New Blizzard Account

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Activate Official Blizzard Account Within a Minute

At the end of this article you will learn (5 minutes reading) how to create unlimited Blizzard accounts by using SMS verification - It’s Simple & Quick !

To put it simply, Blizzard Entertainment is the king of video games, producing some of the most popular and successful games on the planet like World of Warcraft, Call Of Duty, Overwatch and many more !


Learn how to use SMS-Verification to active new Blizzard account:

  1. Simply Log-in into your account OR Sign-up a new account
  2. On the left menu choose “Online Number” OR “Rental Online Number
  3. Choose the desired Country and Service “Blizzard” and click “Purchase” - On your Active Orders you'll get a number
  4. Go to Blizzard entertainment website and make an account
  5. During the registration process on the website, you are asked to provide a phone number for verification - Put the number you purchased from us.
  6. At the dashbaord click “SMS Sent” AND “Check Status”
  7. When the OTP/SMS is received on our dashboard type it in the service's registration site

There you GO ! Your NEW Blizzard Account

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The demand is high and prices goes between 3$-8$ for an account, Margin can go up to 60%-80

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