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Easily and immediately verify any service worldwide without using your
personal number. Use an online number to receive one-time SMS or
rent it for up to 4 weeks and receive unlimited texts.

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G-132210 It is your Google verification code

phone number verification api


Snapchat Code: 259579. Happy Snapping!

sms activation


Telegram code: 71836 You can also tap on text can also

phone verification service


Your security Discord code: 381720

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Why should you choose

We value our customers and strive to provide the best possible experience. If you didn't receive your SMS, we offer an instant and automatic refund. Learn more

Global coverage in 196 countries allows you to use our online numbers on any platform worldwide.

Easy and secure payment options, including credit card and cryptocurrency, Select the one that works best for you. Learn more

Online and
Rental Numbers

Online numbers can be used to verify accounts on various platforms by receiving SMS messages.

Our rental service allows users to rent a virtual number for up to 4 weeks and receive unlimited SMS from multiple platforms.

Automated and simple process, allowing users to get their online number and receive SMS through our platform within minutes.

rent phone number
wanna get otp
phone number verification api
sms verify

Digital Marketplace

Offers a convenient and secure platform for buying and selling digital goods. Whether you're looking for a basic verified account or a high-tier one, we make it easy, quick, and reliable to find the perfect account for your needs.

Social Media Marketing

Offers users to buy likes, followers, comments, and views on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and many more. Fast, effective, and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to boost and improve their social media presence and gain a competitive edge.

SMS Blast

Allows users to send out large amounts of messages in a single click.

Ability to choose your sender name, create your own group contacts, message scheduling, number validation, and many more features!

It鈥檚 the ideal solution for businesses and individuals who need to send large amounts of messages quickly and easily.

Integrate our service
into your project

Our user-friendly REST API documentation allows you to integrate our service with ease.


use SMSVerification\SMSVerification;

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

$api = new SMSVerification('username',


$disposableActions =


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Keep calm and read ahead...

What are Online numbers?

Online numbers are one-time-use numbers that can receive SMS and are used to verify accounts on various online platforms. Our platform makes it easy to activate a new account by receiving SMS through our user-friendly dashboard. We offer worldwide numbers that can be used with a wide range of services, including Google, Gmail, Blizzard, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Why do I need Online numbers?

There is a wide variety of reasons to get online numbers:

  1. Online numbers provide a layer of privacy and security, since they are not connected to any personal information.
  2. If you have been blocked or do not have access to your own account on different platforms you must use a new phone number to open a new account.
  3. Sometimes there are promotions on different services which only apply to new users who register a new account.
  4. Some platforms, apps and services do not offer their services across the world, with our solution you can use any service you want by using an online number for the specific country you want.

What are Rental numbers?

Rental numbers are online phone numbers that can be used for a selected period of time (up to 4 weeks!), and can get unlimited SMS to verify accounts on multiple platforms.

What type of payments are supported?

We offer three payment methods: Credit Cards, gift cards, and cryptocurrency. just choose the most convenient way for you in the checkout page. Learn more

What is Client Protection?

Client protection is an exclusive service offered by SMSVerification to protect its customers from paying for numbers that do not work or receive SMS. This means that if a customer purchases a number and does not receive the SMS, they will not be charged for that number and the balance will be automatically and instantly refunded. This protection ensures that customers only pay for numbers that are successful and can be used to verify accounts on online platforms.

What if I can't find the service I need?

If you cannot find a specific service on our platform, you can use the "Other" service as an alternative. We keep updating our services on a daily basis, and our team adds over 10 new services every week, so if you do not find the service you are looking for, you can check back later or contact our support team, they will be happy to assist you and check the availability of the service you need.

What about privacy?

When using SMSVerification services, you do not need to share any personal or identifiable information. We do not collect any cookies or history of numbers, so your privacy is fully protected. Our services are designed to be easy and convenient, allowing you to activate new accounts on online platforms without giving out your personal phone number or any other information.

Customers Choice

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鈥滺ad an issue where I hadn't received my balance after paying, however it was shortly resolved by staff and am very happy with the service. Works flawlessly and is much cheaper than many other services that I have used in the past.鈥

鈥漈his service has served me well and the support is quick and amazing, if I ever had an issue the staff would be fast to help me!鈥

鈥滲EST and CHEAP service!!! I've been a regular user since 2021 and never experienced any issues in this service. The phone numbers are high quality and work with all services and there's a variety of countries to choose from. The staff are very wonderful and kind people...鈥

鈥滷orgot my account login information, but got my access to the site pretty easily with the help of the friendly staff. Will be using this site for a long time I reckon!鈥

鈥漌orked flawlessly. The number I got was able to confirm a telegram registration without a problem. The whole process took a little over a day, but it was well worth the wait. The site has a clean and easy to use interface. All in all, I can recommend this service without a doubt.鈥

鈥漁mg This site really works,I actually was able to use their number for verification Thank you so Much鈥

鈥滸ood and High Quality Verification Service
- Not the cheapest but one of them
- Legit
- Safe鈥

鈥滸ood services and affordable prices.鈥

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