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How to Transfer Telegram to New Phone | 6 Steps to Follow

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Switching to a new phone can be exciting but also worrisome, especially when transferring all your data from social media apps like Telegram. If you're worried about the hassle of transferring Telegram to a new phone, rest assured it's a straightforward process.

You need to back up your data and log out from your old device. After that, install Telegram on your new phone and log in with the same phone number. Then, restore your chat history and check for any missing archived chats.

But what happens to your groups and contacts when you switch devices? Stay tuned to find out how to effortlessly migrate your Telegram account to your new phone without missing a beat.

How to Transfer Telegram to a New Phone: Six Easy Steps

Transferring your Telegram account to a new phone can be seamless if done correctly. Telegram's cloud-based system allows you to easily access your chats, contacts, and media on your new device. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Backup Your Data & Log Out From Old Device

To ensure a smooth transfer of Telegram to your new phone, you must back up all your essential data and log out from the old device following these steps.

Begin by opening the Telegram app on your old device. Navigate to Settings, then Chat Settings, and finally Chat Backup. Tap 'Backup Now' to create a backup of your chats, contacts, and media.

Once the backup process is complete, it's essential to log out from your Telegram account on the old device to maintain data security.

Step 2. Install Telegram on Your New Device

After successfully downloading the Telegram app from the app store on your new device, proceed to open the application to begin the transfer process.

Once you have located and installed the Telegram app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS, tap the app icon to launch it. This will open the Telegram mobile app on your new device.

You're ready to proceed with the next steps to complete the transfer process. Installing the app is the first step in setting up your Telegram account on your new device. Make sure to follow the upcoming instructions carefully to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 3. Log in to your Telegram Account in the New Device

Upon opening the Telegram app on your new device, enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account to initiate the account transfer process. You'll then receive an SMS verification code on your phone. Input this code into the Telegram app to verify your phone number.

Once the verification is complete, you'll automatically log into your Telegram account on the new device. This step ensures seamless access to all your existing chats, contacts, and groups on the new phone.

Ensure you enter the correct phone number linked to your Telegram account to avoid any issues during the verification process.

Step 4. Restore Chat History in New Device

Navigating to your chat list upon logging in, your chat history should begin syncing automatically from the cloud when transferring Telegram to a new phone. This process ensures that all your chats, contacts, and media are seamlessly transferred to your new device.

Be patient while the sync completes; the time will depend on the amount of data transferred. Once the sync finishes, you should see all your conversations and shared media readily available on your new phone.

This automated cloud-based system simplifies restoring your chat history, making the transition to your new device smooth and hassle-free.

Step 5. Check Archived Chats (if any chats are missing)

Locate the' Archived Chats' section in your chat list to check for missing chats after transferring Telegram to a new phone. Scroll through this section to see if any important chats are stored there.

If you need a chat, long-press on it to select it. Then, look for the 'Unarchive' option and tap on it to bring the chat back to your main chat list.

Step 6. Contact Telegram Support (if issues persist)

If you're experiencing persistent issues with transferring Telegram to your new phone, the next step is to contact Telegram Support for assistance. To contact Telegram Support, follow these steps:

  • Open Telegram and go to Settings.
  • Tap on 'Ask a Question' to reach out to support.
  • Describe your problem, including missing chats or issues during the transfer process.
  • Submit your query to Telegram support for assistance.
  • The support team will work with you to resolve any issues and help restore any missing data from your Telegram account.

Do I need to verify my phone number when transferring Telegram to a new phone?

When transferring Telegram to a new phone, verifying your phone number is essential for account authentication. To do this, you'll receive an SMS verification code on any device where your number is saved. If you haven't signed up on any other device, you can request the code via SMS.

Once you obtain the verification code, enter it on your new device to authenticate your account. This ensures that you're the rightful owner of the Telegram account and helps maintain its security. Verifying your phone number is a standard security measure employed by Telegram to protect your account from unauthorized access.

What happens to Telegram if I change my phone number?

Changing your phone number on Telegram will automatically update your mutual contacts with your new number unless they are previously blocked. This update ensures a seamless transition for your contacts to reach you on Telegram with your new number without any additional steps required from them.

Note that this process is automatic and doesn't require manual intervention from you or your contacts. However, if you have blocked a contact on Telegram, they'll not receive the update with your new number.

You can request a verification code using rental numbers for emergency accounts or checking the account opening validity. In this case, the smsverification.xyz can be your helping hand. With our easy and immediate verification of Telegram service, you can verify your Telegram account immediately.

Will Telegram ban my phone number if I log into two devices simultaneously?

To avoid being banned by Telegram, ensure that you log in with your main mobile phone number on each device. Using the same phone number, you can log in to your Telegram account from multiple devices simultaneously. When you do this, your cloud chats will sync instantly across all your devices.

However, if you log in with different phone numbers on each device or violate Telegram's terms of service in any way, your phone number may be banned by Telegram. This could result in losing access to your account and all your chats. Adhere to Telegram's policies and guidelines to prevent any issues with your account.

Embrace a Seamless Transition with Telegram Cloud-Based System

Transferring your old Telegram account to a new phone is straightforward, thanks to Telegram's cloud-based system. Following the steps outlined in this guide ensures that all your chats, contacts, and media transfer over seamlessly. 

If you encounter any challenges, don't hesitate to contact Telegram support for assistance. No need to worry about verifying your phone number or getting banned for using multiple devices simultaneously. It's as easy as pie, so go ahead and make the switch with confidence.