2023-05-09 11:32:18

How to Verify Alibaba Account with SMS Verification: 8 Steps

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As the global marketplace expands, more businesses turn to online platforms like Alibaba to connect with suppliers and customers worldwide. You must complete the account verification process to utilize Alibaba's offerings fully.

This includes SMS verification, which ensures user account and personal information remain safe and secure. By following some easy steps from Sign In to Entering the verification code, you can quickly and easily complete the verification process and enjoy all the benefits of using Alibaba.

Today we will walk you through the steps necessary to verify your Alibaba account with SMS verification so that you can start enjoying all the benefits of this robust online marketplace.

How to Verify Alibaba Account with SMS Verification: Easy Steps Guide

Following the steps outlined below, you can quickly and easily verify your account and use Alibaba to its full potential.

STEP 1. Go to the Alibaba Website and Sign in to Your Account

Access the Alibaba website and your secure account with a few simple clicks. Upon reaching the homepage, select "Sign In" in the top right corner of your screen. This will redirect you to an authentication page where you can use an SMS verification code for added security.

STEP 2. Enter Your Username and Password

Next, you will need to enter your Alibaba username and password. If you do not have an Alibaba account, you must sign up for one before proceeding with the verification process. Once you have entered your username and password, click the "Sign In" button.

STEP 3. Click on the "Account Settings" Option

Once you have signed in to your Alibaba account, click on your profile picture in the homepage's top right corner. From the drop-down menu, select "Account Settings." This will take you to a web page where you can manage your Alibaba account settings.

STEP 4. Click on the "Manage Verification Phones" Option

On the account settings page, click on the "Security Settings" option on the screen's left side. From there, you will see the "Manage Verification Phones" option. Click on it, and it'll take you where you can add and verify mobile numbers for security purposes.

STEP 5. Click on the "Verify" Button Next to the "Phone Verification" Option

Now look for the "Phone Verification" option and click the "Verify" button next to it. This will prompt the system to ask you to enter your mobile phone number.

STEP 6. Enter Your Mobile Phone Number and Country Code

Now ensure you're always connected, and enter your mobile number in the correct format. For example, if it's a US-registered phone - add +1 before the digits and get ready to stay in touch!

STEP7. Click on the "Send Verification Code"

After correctly entering the necessary details, click 'Send verification code', and you'll be granted access to receive a confirmation message on your mobile device. Unlock this key for successful authentication!

STEP 8. Enter the Verification Code in the Field Provided

Once you receive the verification code on your mobile, enter it in the field provided on the Alibaba platform. Double-check to ensure that the code is entered correctly. After entering the code, click submit, and you will receive a confirmation message indicating your account is authenticated.

Benefits of Alibaba Account Verification with SMS Verification Code

The need for a reliable and secure identity verification system is more critical than ever before. Alibaba's SMS verification code solves this problem, ensuring user account protection and allowing the easiest method to receive verification codes.

Validating your Alibaba account with SMS has these benefits:

Secure and Reliable Way to Verify User Identity

Alibaba's SMS verification codes ensure that only legitimate users can access their accounts. Upon login, users must enter a unique code sent to their registered mobile number, which adds extra security to the account. This helps minimize the risk of fraudulent activities such as phishing, hacking and identity theft.

Protect User Accounts Information

Account verification with SMS codes protects user account information. By only allowing verified users access, Alibaba ensures that sensitive data such as personal information and financial details remain secure.

This means that users must go through an additional layer of verification before being granted access to their accounts. Also, the platform uses encryption to keep user data safe from cybercriminals and other malicious actors.

Convenient Way to Receive Verification Codes

Alibaba's account verification with SMS codes is secure and convenient. The verification codes are sent instantly to the user's registered mobile number, unlike traditional verification methods that require the user to wait for postal mail. This saves time and provides an efficient user experience.

The platform stores users' mobile phone numbers and sends them a text message containing the verification code when needed. This reduces the risk of users missing important verification messages, as they can check their phones conveniently.

Protect User Accounts from Unauthorized Access

Account verification with SMS codes ensures that only authorized users have access to their accounts, thus protecting them from unauthorized access.

Alibaba's verification process detects suspicious activity, such as unusual login attempts and immediately notifies users with a verification code to verify their identity. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing accounts, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Why Can't I Verify My Phone Number on Alibaba with SMS Verification?

Here are some common reasons why users may experience issues with SMS verification:

  1. Incorrect Phone Number: You can not receive the verification code if you have entered an incorrect phone number or country code. Ensure you have entered your phone number correctly and selected the country code.
  2. Delayed SMS: Sometimes, there may be a delay in receiving the verification code via SMS. This can be due to network issues or high traffic on the SMS service. If you are still waiting to receive the code after a few minutes, try again later.
  3. Blocked Phone Number: If Alibaba has blocked your phone number, you cannot receive the verification code. Contact Alibaba customer support for assistance if you suspect this is the case.
  4. Multiple Verification Attempts: If you have attempted to verify your phone number multiple times in a short period, you may be blocked from receiving the verification code. Try again later or contact customer support for assistance.
  5. Phone Number Already Verified: If your phone number has already been verified on another Alibaba account, you cannot verify it again. Make sure that you are using a unique phone number that has not been used to verify another Alibaba account.

Double Up Your Alibaba Account Security: Use SMS Verification for Enhanced Security

Verifying your Alibaba account is essential in protecting your personal information and account from fraudsters. With SMS verification, you add an extra layer of security to your Alibaba account.

This simple process lets you quickly confirm your identity and enhance account security. By verifying your Alibaba account, you can confidently grow your business on Alibaba's robust online marketplace and connect with buyers and sellers worldwide.

So, don't hesitate anymore. Verify your account with SMS by going to Alibaba's website today.